We respect your privacy, and are strongly committed to making our data processing practices more transparent and fair. This Policy concerns personal data collected, received or used via our website referring to this Policy (the "Website"), via our products and services (the “Platform”), or via other data sources as described below. The Platform together with our Website shall be referred to as the "Services".

This Privacy Policy describes the practices of Groove Beyond Inc. (together with its affiliated companies - "Groove", "we", "our" or "us") regarding the collection, storage, usage and disclosure of personal data relating to individuals who visit our Website (“Visitors“), use our products and services (“Users”), participate in our events (“Participants”), or otherwise interact with us (collectively – “you”). This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and forms part of our Terms of Service.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and make sure that you fully understand and agree to it. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please discontinue and avoid using our Services.

You are not legally required to provide us with any Personal Data (defined below), but please be aware that without it we may not be able to provide you with the full range of Services or with the best user experience when using our Services.

  1. Data Collection

We collect Personal Data of yours. Such data is typically collected and generated through your interaction with our Services, through automatic means, directly from you or through third parties. Specifically, we collect the following categories of data (which, to the extent it relates to an identified or identifiable individual, will be deemed as “Personal Data“):

  1. Data automatically collected or generated: When you visit our Website, interact with us or use our Services, we may collect or generate certain technical data about you. We collect or generate such data either independently or with the help of third-party service providers (as detailed in Section 4 below).

Such data mainly consists of connectivity, technical and aggregated usage data, such as IP addresses (for Visitors), device identifier, browser, broad geographical information, system and software details, click-stream and usage logs, unique identifiers and similar data and information concerning log-in attempts, usage and use preferences regarding our Services. We mainly use this data to gain a better understanding on how you typically use and interact with our Services; how we could improve your user experience; to optimize our product; and to optimize the overall performance of our Services.

  1. Data received from you: such Personal Data includes any data or information you may provide which is identifiable to you (either in itself or due to the manner in which it was provided or the Data with which it was provided or generated), such as your name, a photo of yourself, contact details (such as e-mail and phone number), account setup and login details (such as usernames and hashed passwords for using our Platforms), as well as any free-form text or documentation you may choose to provide us. Such Personal Data may also include any content created or shared by you through the Services, as well as any messaging or other communication performed via our Services. Also, if you choose to sync or import information to the Service (such as contacts in your phone address book), we may use this information to enhance your experience in various ways, including, but not limited to, notifying you a person you know uses the Service, and notifying other users you know that you joined our Service.
  2. Data provided by third parties: We may receive your Personal Data from other sources. For example, when you create your account and/or authenticate with a third-party service (e.g., Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.’) you may allow us to receive information associated with that third-party account, such as your lists of friends, connections and/or followers. We may also receive information from third-party service providers to help us analyze how Visitors use the Website and to enhance user experience while visiting the Website.

Please note:  If you are providing us with your friends contact details or other information you must first get their consent.

  1. Data Uses

We use Personal Data as necessary for the performance of our Services; to comply with applicable law; as necessary for the performance of our contracts and agreements; and to support our legitimate interests in maintaining and improving our Services and offerings, understanding how our Services are used, optimizing our marketing, advertising and sales practices, providing customer service and technical support, and protecting and securing our Visitors, Customers, Users, ourselves and our Services.

We do not sell your personal information.

Specifically, we use Personal Data for the following purposes:

  1. To facilitate, operate, and provide our Services;
  2. To verify the identity of our Users, and to allow them access to our Services;
  3. To further develop, customize and improve our Services, and to offer you a better experience, based on common or personal preferences, experiences and difficulties;